Businesses are not using Data Science or Artificial Intelligence (AI) because they are unfamiliar and it’s over complicated. EMERGEIQ is a technology platform that carries out problem solving analytics & AI for businesses, then sends them game changing insights via their existing mobile apps, desktop tools or other reporting channels – no need for dashboards! The simplicity of doing this coupled with the experience and expertise of the team is opening doors for EMERGEiQ.


Customers connect their data to EMERGEIQ

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Data Science & AI processes the data to solve customer specific problems.

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Easy to understand and actionable results linked directly to customers’ workflow

Feb 2019
  • Incorporated
  • Validated Market Size
  • Software Dev Team selected in India
Mar 2019
  • Development of PROMOiQ
  • Data Scientists Onboarded
  • Engaged in discussion with Tier 1 Investment bank
Apr 2019
  • PROMOiQ Beta launch
  • Data Scientists Onboarded
May 2019
  • Development of VISIONIQ
  • Letter of intent provided from Lambeth Scientific Labs
June 2019
  • Development of VISIONIQ
  • Team size doubles to 12
July 2019
  • Scoping of UAE market.
  • Engaged with a number of multinationals
Aug 2019
  • Launch in wework Labs [UK]
  • Version XX released for MARKETSiQ [Predictions up to 3 days
sep 2019
  • Development of MARKETSiQ
  • Demoed to tier 1 investment bank
Oct 2019
  • 4 MOUs signed with clients
  • Launch in FinTech Hive [UAE]
  • Chief Strategy Officer (Ex Uber) onboarded
Nov 2019
  • Presenting at Lisbon Web Summit, worlds largest tech summit
  • Presenting at Malta Tech Summit