Problem: A pre-pay card company offers account services and ‘retail discounts’ via a mobile app. However these discounts are not personalised to what a customer likes.

Solution: EMERGEiQ Platform receives location and customer behaviour data from the company’s mobile app, applies data science/AI at scale, then sends customer specific insights back to the app.  The app uses EMERGEiQ insights to notify customers on offers they will most like.


Problem: Insurance companies want to use data to confirm whether insurance claims are legitimate and know when to reduce premiums for good driving.

Solution: EMERGEiQ Platform receives location data from the insurance companies mobile app. It applies data science/AI then sends customer driver behaviour analytics back to the insurance company. Insurance companies can now substantiate claims and reward good driving by reducing premiums.


Problem: An environment health laboratory spends hours a week using microscopes to manually count and report on air pollution fibres. Time that could be spent on getting to more client sites.

Solution: EMERGEiQ Platform receive digital images of the samples and applies data science/AI to automatically count the fibres then send results directly to the lab and their client, in minutes.


Problem: Financial market organisations are not connecting market insights with client relationship data, which would help them gain valuable trading insights.

Solution: EMERGEiQ Platform marries trade and customer relationship data, applies data science/AI to bring them together and serve suggestions and insights back to the client on their desktop.