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Workplace Wellbeing App

Employee wellbeing has become a priority for businesses, especially in the post-pandemic WFH culture. However, it is difficult to quantitatively measure employees’ health and wellbeing with the traditional practices.


EMERGEiQ is working with VISTA to build an AI-driven recommendation system that will provide a wholly-personalised service and suggest relevant health plans, wellness content, workouts, etc. to an user. This is specifically based on their preferences, current state and health goals.

A Fintech Startup

In the world of fund management, only 2-3% of actively managed mutual funds CONSISTENTLY beat the best passive alternatives in their categories. FUNDSaiQ identifies the best active funds vs. the best passives that also meet clients’ requirements for sustainability.


FUNDSaiQ is a one of a kind one-stop-shop for financial advisors for selection and monitoring of funds. The calculations, algorithms and all the magic that powers FUNDSaiQ has been developed by EMERGEiQ.

AI DJ Music App

GroovSense is an AI powered music streaming application. EMERGEiQ has developed it core AI algorithm that understands group music preferences and enjoyment. It is designed for live and remote music session events where individuals gather together. For example, GroovSense might be the perfect app for dinner parties, restaurants, pubs or any event where music plays an important role in the keeping people happy.


EMERGEiQ developed unique AI technologies including group recommendation system with real-time feedback and dance detection. These algorithms sit at the heart of the AI powered music app.

Asbestos Air Monitoring service providers

EMERGEiQ is developing a solution that would change the way the Air Monitoring Industry currently works. FIBREiQ will use AI to automate and optimise the most inefficient parts of the asbestos fibres counting process, reduce the time taken to analyse an air sample from hours to minutes and enable analysis of a greater number of asbestos samples. Improve accuracy, productivity and throughput, while also increasing profit margins and mitigating occupational health risks for SME labs. Lambeth Scientific Services, one of the oldest Air Monitoring service providers in the UK have joined forces with EMERGEiQ to bring this venture to life.

AI Legal Platform

Current legal practises and systems often fail to deliver justice quickly. This time delay, coupled with high legal costs, often leads to people not getting their disputes appropriately mediated.


AUPAX Capital aims to automate and expedite the legal mediation process using Data Science and AI, and make it cheaper as well. EMERGEiQ is engaged with AUPAX Capital to test the feasibility of their idea via a POC. This includes services around legal-AI, including automated precedent analysis, contract creation, and legal database cold search.

Leading importer, distributor and marketer of cut-flowers.

Greenwings Japan was struggling to manage their flowers’ inventory among their 150 auction houses across Japan. This lead to unnecessary transportation, logistics and inventory write-off loss.


EMERGEiQ created inventory management algorithms for the client that aimed to analyse their historical inventory data, to minimise the transportation/logistical costs and to increase their revenue. This was done by building a Neural Network framework.

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