Tashfin Shafique

CEO & Founder

Worked in: HSBC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Barclays, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Securities

Experience includes: Regulatory, Digital Banking, Finance, Insurance, Technology and Change programmes globally

Mizan Rahman

CTO & Co-founder

Worked in: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Citigroup

Experience includes: Digital Transformation, eCommunications, Marketing, Web Portal Management, Technology Product Management, Client Services & Data Science

Dr. Hane Aung

Chief Data Science Officer

Award winning data science and artificial intelligence specialist

Experience includes : 15+ years applied data science research experience in Russell Group (U.K.) and Ivy League (U.S.) institutions

Dr. Peter Tillotson

Director of Insights

20+ years working for large consultancy and a world class specialist in creating algorithms

Experience includes : Analytics work on one of the biggest large-scale distributed computer games in the world.

Amar Patel

Strategic Advisor

Amar is an experienced strategic and operational business leader who helps companies grow, innovate and deliver on their strategic objectives.

Experience includes : Senior management team /board of directors at Uber UK with a background in financial services at Goldman Sachs

Prasanna Mohan Kumar

Senior Data Engineer & Solutions Architect

BI Subject Matter Expert with 15+ years experience in delivering Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions

Delivered high profile solutions in data discovery for several high profile tier 1 banks and has supported building POCs for market surveillance analytics

Chris Taylor

Senior Data Scientist

Chris brings over 20 years of expertise to our business having worked as a research scientist at Eli Lily, Astra Zenica and Prediction Machine

He has a PhD in Mathematical Sciences and a Masters in Pure Mathematics from University of Liverpool and and First-class degree in Mathematics from Warwick University

Zaki Darouzi

Intern Analyst

Zaki is in his second years at the London School of Economics studying Accounting and Finance.

Zaki has been integral to our business, joining us for a summer internship in 2019. He has joined the senior management team on several ‘roadshows’ overseas including Lisbon’s Websummit and several other conferences in the UK.

Aravindh Suresh

Intern Analyst

Aravindh is in his first year at the London School of Economics studying Economics.

He joined the business early January 2020 and has been involved in fund raising with Venture Capitalist firms and Angel investors. He has also been working on our core flagship solutions for our clients.

Zarar Zafar

Data Scientist

Zafar is our Associate Consultant and supports our Data Science Services we provide to our clients.

1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics and Computer Science who worked in Technology for Morgan Stanley.
Zarar used Mathematical techniques to develop algorithms and formulas to apply to strategic games of chance, in particular Texas Hold’Em Poker, now using his Mathematical/Computational background as a data scientist in EMERGEiQ.

Cate Statham

Data Scientist

Cate is completing an MSc in Data Science at City, University of London. Having previously gained an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Sussex, my passion for maths, statistics and computer science led her to pursue a career in the field of data science.

She is keen to solve real-world problems across a range of industries and domains, and to make data science and artificial intelligence more transparent and accessible to businesses and organisations.

Yuvraj Borkhade

Summer Analyst

Currently completing an MSc in Finance & Private Equity at LSE, Yuvraj has completed internships in business consulting firms including Deloitte India (Risk Advisory function) and Swaymark Pvt Ltd (a boutique business advisory firm); jointly working for clients in hospitality, media, telecom and government sector.

Yuvraj has also completed an internship at Bombay Stock Exchange, India – exploring on promising commodity derivative products.